Saturday, October 1

Randi Dropped the Ball: Late Edition of Favorite Things Friday

Yeah...walk of shame for Randi...I dropped the ball on posting yesterday.
So here's an edition of Favorite Things Friday...just not on Friday.

#1: Pinterest

My friends, this is one of the most addictive sites out on the web. For serious. I can't take my laptop to class with me because I know that I would spend all my time on this during class. I HAVE AN ADDICTION TO PINNING.

#2: Best Buy's Opening Time
I love that Best Buy opens at 10:00am. Especially the mornings when I'm printing off a big fat paper for class and then my printer ink cartridge decides to die off on me. Then I can run to Best Buy as soon as it opens and buy a spankin' new ink cartridge. Crisis averted.

#3: Luna Bars

Hands down, the best nutrition bar eveeeeeeer. Especially this new flavor, Chocolate Raspberry. Sooooo good. I'm hoping they start selling this kind in boxes soon because I can't get enough of buying the single bar.

#4: Sam's Club
Sam's Club is super cool. I like having a membership so I can buy in bulk. Bulk is cool! Bulk is big! I can buy a gallon of milk there for a $1.60! Randi likes bulk. And the free sample days.

#5: General Conference Weekend
Friends, oh friends. I'm listening to this right now. It makes me crazy happy. If there is one thing you HAVE to do this weekend, listen to this. I can guarantee you leave feeling uplifted and loved, with much to think about.

In other words...
Awkward: It seems like this is the week of boys from Randi's past. Because they're all contacting me. It's weird. And strange. And disconcerting. And awkward.

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