Tuesday, October 11

Guest Blogger: Megs Craft Creations

Hello hello all my dear friends. We are sooooo happy to welcome our awesome friend Megan from 'Megs Craft Creations.'

She is a super crafter and has the funnest ideas. Best thing is that its all on a budget. Affordable decor for anybody! (even you whose college dorm needs a little pick-me-up, you can do this). We have known Megan for a long time and just cant get enough of her, so we are so glad to introduce her to you and to have her visit with us today. Enjoy...

Hello “It’s Only Awkward if You Make It” readers! I’m Megan and I blog over at Meg’s Craft Creations! I am so happy to be here today with you all!
First of all, Chelsie and Randi are awesome…they are a couple of the coolest gals ever and I’m so glad I can share in their awesomeness!

I love Halloween! Except I can be really picky with Halloween decorations…I love the spookiness of this holiday but I can’t stand the dark, freaky, decorations. This was so fun for me to throw this together! So, let’s get started :]

First, you will need a dead branch or two…I think of this as pruning my trees :] The branches I grabbed had a grayish color to them so I sprayed them dark brown…black would also work great for this!
I found this candle holder at Michael’s for 50% off…I love the look it has. Perfect for Halloween :]
And you will need some rocks…rocks from your yard would work great too, I just had some left over from my terrariums a few months ago so I thought I would use some up :]
Then you will want to pour the rocks into the candle holder, then plant those branches right into the rocks.
And the spooky tree comes alive!

I also used some little Christmas bells and just painted them orange, green, and purple…another option for this would be colored ribbon or even beads on a string.
Hang those babies up and…
Your Halloween tree is DONE! I also couldn’t resist the sparkly crow…not too freaky but it still adds some awesome Halloween vibes :]
Thanks for letting me spend some time in your neck of the woods today! Thank you Chelsie and Randi! Hope you all have a super day and enjoy your Halloween trees!

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