Wednesday, October 19

An Awkward Story then Just a Regular One...

Duuuuuuuudes (lately I say this all the time, it's like I turned into a 13 year old boy). I just finished a beast of a paper. My brain feels like its going to die. So here's an awkward story for you:
I got a wasp stuck in my hair yesterday.
Except I didn't really know that I did. Until I sat down in class and this girl, got out of her seat, came over to me and was all, "Um, you have a wasp in your hair. Do you want me to flick it out?" And inside I'm like, "Oh yeah, just leave it in there, NO OF COURSE I WANT YOU TO FLICK IT OUT!!!!!!!" But on the outside I managed a "Oh, that would be great, please."
So she did. Then she went and stepped on it. And I was eternally grateful. But the rest of class I felt all itchy and then I looked up towards my bangs and there was a tiny spider on my bangs. So I flicked him out and squashed him. So apparently I was the bug lady yesterday. I swear, I washed my hair, promise.
But that kinda leads me to today. I've been working on this paper since I got back from class at 9:00am. I didn't go to ZUMBA. I didn't go to Institute. Guys, I haven't even showered. Just worked on this paper all day long. And it's not even the longest paper I've ever written, just the most boring. So from 9:00am to 5:00pm, I researched and worked on a paper. Blah.

Here's some of my tips to get you through a writing a paper:
-Get a bunch of highlighters out and color code your note cards. You'll feel smarter.
-Put in your headphones so you don't get distracted by outside noises.
-Take breaks to talk to your best friend. Then she can give you advice like this, "Go write my friend, write like the wind and my advice is that if you smoke a doob right before you'll pass for sure." Then you can make it your Facebook status. Thanks Chels.
-Don't talk to your best friend for too long...cause she can be distracting to your academic attention span and then you can't stop laughing.
-Take a break and play your guitar (or instrument of choice) really really really loud.
-Have a good pep talk with yourself. Jump around. Put your hair in a big, floppy bun on your head.
-Upon immediate completion of said paper, have a dance party in your kitchen. I recommend this tune. I danced like I was a cool kid.

P.S. I Skyped with Chels last night. It was a whole lotta fun. I felt like I was back at home with her.
P.S.S. I'M GOING HOME TOMORROW. I don't have school Friday. Holla!
That means I still need to pack, and go get gas, and do my math homework.
Then I can do all sorts of fun stuff. Like hang out with Chels for real!

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EuSouPerlinha said...

Too bad I danced before finishing my paper. I failed. :(