Monday, February 6

write small

Teacher: "You can have one page of notes for the exam on Tuesday if you so choose."

Challenge accepted

Four chapters on one piece of paper.
Excuse me, my hand now has carpal tunnel.

Thursday, January 26

poor kids sell plasma

As a typical college student, I try to spend the least amount of money possible and bring in as much as I can. Enter, plasma donation. While some people may consider selling plasma as being less than favorable because of the circumstances of selling something from one's body, I am willing. I would probably sell a kidney if it wasn't illegal... yeah anyways, I went and donated plasma on Tuesday and there was a whole round of tests and questions that I had to answer and complete before I could even start pumping the plasma.
Here are my thoughts from my donation:
-the finger prick hurts almost worse than the donation itself
-one gets asked the same questions over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over.
-the whole questionnaire part probably would have gone faster if I could have just said, "No, I've never done drugs, I've never had sex, and I've never been to Africa or exposed to AIDS/HIV." All the while, I was wearing my Institute tee-shirt.
-my two favorite questions were probably 1) "Are you ears pierced and currently open?" I was wearing earrings that day. Muahaha. 2) "Have you ever been pregnant or are currently so?" No sir. 3) "Are you breastfeeding?" Again, negatory.
-I was at the plasma center from 3:30pm-6:50pm.
-the needle that the physicians use is FREAKING HUGE.
-it's probably not a good thing when you're donating plasma and then guy sticking you with a needle says, "Oh, that's not supposed to be happening..." and then you look and see that your vein is turning into a lump the size of a quarter. Just saying.
-getting a giant ice pack taped to said arm from above and then having two immobilized arms.
-seeing an old boyfriend from high school whom you haven't seen for about five years. That's all I'm saying about that.
-THE CROWNING AWKWARD MOMENT OF THE ENTIRE VISIT: getting a male physician for the physical. Who happens to be cute and around the same age as you. And then that whole awkward moment when he has to listen to your breathing and heartbeat under your shirt. With his cold hands. No worries, there was a female physician in there at the same time. Oh and then when they're pumping blood out of you and BOTH your arms hurt and you're breathing in and out of your mouth so you don't cry/throw up, he happens to come from the front room and check on you. Awwwwwkward.

Also, gnaaarly bruise my friends.

Oh, and I'm going again today.
All for the money, my friends.

Monday, January 9

New Semester

Today is the start of my fourth semester at USU.
I have absolutely no motivation after coming back from break. I rolled over this morning and was like "Meh." That's it, just 'meh'.
Oh did I also mention that most my classes are only ten minutes apart? It's totally fine when the buildings are right next to each other but when they're further apart?
Pray for me. I'll be runnin'.

Congrats to Alli

We have our Winner!

Congrats to Alli!

It was a hard choice to choose from all your awesome entries. But check out this story:

Ok, I'm entering this for my mom because she has definitely gotten some pretty weird stuff for Christmas! One year (from someone who was not my dad) she got a book about how to exercise if you're handicapped and missing limbs. The cover showed a person without arms doing leg exercises. Throughout the entire book were incredibly awkward pictures and poses of people with various missing body parts doing these exercises. Pretty sure that went to the DI really fast! I wish she had kept it!

Awkward right?! Well Congrats Alli and thanks to everyone who participated.

Tuesday, January 3

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Stay tuned because tomorrow we announce our winner of the
You Got What For Christmas?! contest!

Its gonna be awesome!

Saturday, December 31

One last day

Quick! Today is the last day to enter our contest! You have until midnight tonight to send in your entry!
Check the left side panel for the details of the contest!

Its super duper awesome so quick and tell us your most awkward/embarrasing gift youve ever gotten!

Friday, December 23

Favorite Things Friday: Randi

It's Friiiiiday! AND, two days till Christmas! I love Christmas a whole lot, the tree, the treats, the parties, but I definitely love the music. So this Friday, I'll share some of my favorite Christmas songs! It was hard, but I think I got most of them...

#1: O Come All Ye Faithful

This is my all time favorite Christmas carol. I think I love pretty much every version of it.

#2: A Baby Changes Everything
I know this isn't a traditional Christmas carol, but PLEASE LISTEN TO IT. It's amazing and gives me chills everytime.

#3: I'll Be Home For Christmas
This song is pretty classic, especially with Bing. This is my mom's favorite Christmas song, and after moving away from home, it became one of my favorites too.

#4: Hark the Herald Angels Sing

#5: O Holy Night
We like David at my apartment. A whole lot.

What are your favorites? Link them to me at the bottom so we can all share in the last days of this Christmas goodness. Two days!

Wednesday, December 21

O Holy Night?

Can you believe Christmas is on Sunday?! I feel like I had all this Christmas spirit after Thanksgiving and then it all died when I got to finals week. No worries, I survived and am now home for the holidays! But here's a nice little awkward video that gets me and my dad and younger brother laughing like nobody's business...

You got whaaaat for Christmas?!

Yup I said contest!

Heres how it goes down and guys, this is super duper easy!
We want to see/hear who has ever gotten the most embarrasing/funny/awkward gift ever! So heres what you do!
1. 'Like' Its only Awkward if you make it on facebook
2. Become a follower
3. Share with us through facebook or email or comment or whatever your most awkward gift youve ever gotten. How did you react? What did you do with it? Upload pictures if you can.

What happens if you win?
You get another present! From us!
But Im not going to tell you what it is because your not supposed to know what your getting for Christmas. But we promise it wont be as awkward as yours, so dont be scared.

But hurry. Contest ends December 31 at midnight so get the ball rollin now and get your stories in.

Need inspiration? Scroll down to read what Chelsie got at her family Christmas party and check out how awkward that can be.

So go now! Its gonna be alot of fun! We cant wait to hear your stories!

(ps to send an email scroll up and click on the 'contact us' tab for the info)

The joy of Holiday giving

Merry Christmas to all!
I love this time of year. I am lucky enough to have all my family relatively close. Theres a few members who live pretty far away, the farthest in New Jersey and we sure do miss them, especially around this time of year.

So you ever go to those fun and awkward family Chrismas parties? Where Grandma is cooking up a storm, uncle is telling his cheesy jokes, kids are playing in the snow, and everyone seems to break out their ugly sweaters? Its loud and smells like cookies and ham? Its just utter chaos but that's the holidays right?
(I know everyone looks so enthused in this picture but I promise we know how to have a good time).

Well since the majority of my family live so close we get together every year and have a big Christmas party. Its always so fun. We make lots of food and catch up on missed events in life. Games galore and then the presents get brought out. So here's how this works with the Nields:

Everyone brings a 'dollar store' gift that they wrap up and throw in a pile in the middle of the room. then a pan with two dice gets passed around and everyone rolls.
(we play the fast way) so if you roll a 1 or 6 or doubles you get to pick a present from the middle or someone else's.
 If you rolled one of those lucky numbers but already have a present you can keep yours or trade with someone else.
If someone steals your present and leaves you empty handed (meaning no trade) then you get to pick a new present from the pile.
This goes on until everybody has a gift. Once everyone has theirs we set a timer for one minute and go as fast as we can.

Its alot of fun and sometimes you get stuck with a present you love or something like ....

Opened em in front of my WHOLE family haha.
Was it awkward?

Potentially yes.

But I survived. Why?
Because Its only Awkward if you make it
and I did my best not to.

So we all just laughed really really hard.

What is awkward?
They don't fit

Why is that awkward?

Because I just made it........