Wednesday, October 12

New and improved Pumpkin decorating

Oh man, I love Halloween, isn't our Halloween week going fantastic!
One part of Halloween that I absolutely love is, of course, the PUMPKINS! To me carving pumpkins never gets old. Its simple, fun, and anyone of any age can do it. But these days it seems some people just cant get into the traditional carving of pumpkins, and that's totally fine! There are plenty of other ways to twist up the tradition of the Jack 'o lantern pretty easy. Here are a few ways Ive discovered:

Well ya first off gotta start with a few pumpkins. My mom picked these out and she loved the warts all over haha, creepy. 

Gut those puppies out the best ya can like usual. Saving the seeds is sometimes a good idea cause there are some fantastic recipes to bake those. Mmmmm so good.

OK here is where we are gonna twist things up a bit. (For the rest of this entire post, please forgive me of the horrible pictures I have haha, I have a crappy piece for a camera and it just goes to show that just because I blog doesn't mean I have mad picture skills).
I'm gonna show you that your never to old to paint your pumpkins. Its totally back in.
So what I did was draw out my design first, then carve out the part I wanted to glow. (the moon)

Then, since I was gonna spray paint the whole pumpkin white and didn't want to lose my drawing, I just used tape to kinda create a stencil.
When I do this again, Ill probably paint first, then draw the design. It was a trial and error project so there ya have it.

Give that bad boy a few good coats. You don't even have to use white for this, any color might be fun.

Once it was really good and dry I went back and peeled all my tape off and with a small brush, filled in my bat with black paint.

And vwola! A painted, but carved pumpkin.
Tip: If you scrape the inside of the pumpkin really really good where the bat is, it may glow better when you get the candle inside and faintly see a spooky bat. Ya just gotta make that inner wall much thinner so the light can penetrate through. (maybe that's where you enlist the neighbor boy or the husband heehee).
Pretty simple.

I like to watch a good Halloween movie while I do this (but no TV in the kitchen). So laptop works great too haha, I love technology.

OK here's another different idea for you college students that wanna save money, and space. Even for you parents who wanna involve the kids.

Mustache Pumpkins:]
I went to walmart and these minis came in a pack of 5 for around 3 bucks. That comes out to each pumpkin being about 60 cents each. Not too shabby.
These are super easy and so cute. Just get some friends together and paint your fav mustache on em. They look funny when grouped together. Perfect for a Halloween laugh.

When it comes to any holiday I swear Mod Podge comes into play. You can Mod Podge anything these days, yes even a pumpkin. I got my big bottle and a an old newspaper and went to work creating a pretty spooky pumpkin
First cover your orange friend with the adhesive. Then just stick your torn up newspaper anywhere and everywhere.

When its all covered put another thin coat of adhesive on the surface to give it a nice shine.

For people who love books and to read I thought these would be super cute with a small book display or if instead of newspaper it was old music sheets, it'd be cute atop a piano or whatever. Just a cute twist.

Here are some other ideas that I got off Pinterest. I know you all love it, don't deny it.
More painted pumpkins! I'm so glad to see this isn't for kids anymore.

This is absolutely perfect for a Halloween party. Put your punch bowl inside your pumpkin! GENIUS! I confess and say I haven't yet tried this one, but I'm going to the store soon to get a giant pumpkin so I can haha. It doesn't even have to be for punch, it'd be a cute candy bowl or salad...endless possibilities.

These little guys are both funny and cute. Maybe even a little creepy. Haha, just throw in a carrot nose and have fun.

For those who aren't into the super spooks of Halloween but still love the colors and smells of fall. This is PEERRRFFFECCT! Carve in a small whole, just big enough to put your fav fall candle in and decorate with small leaves. Perfect center piece that could even go into Thanksgiving.

Last but certainly not least, what do you do if your in a bind, your Halloween party is soon, and no pumpkins anywhere?!
No need to fret
Run to the dollar store, grab a bag of balloons and have fun drawing funny jack 'o lantern faces on them! I love this idea, and the set up is super cute.

I never knew there were so many ideas for pumpkins! Have fun this Halloween and tell us what you've done with your squash.
Happy Halloween

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