Friday, October 14

Favorite Things Friday: Fall Edition by Simply Marvelous Miss Dawn

Happy Favorite Things Friday everyone! I'm so excited to introduce to our guest blogger today, Kelsie from Simply Marvelous Miss Dawn! Kelsie and I have the wonderful privilege of living across that parking lot from each other and working together with our church callings. She's also great because we've made a tradition of going to Cafe Rio's Taco Tuesday every week.
Her blog is a great one to read for funny stories and beautiful images that she takes herself! Here's Kelsie!

Hello lovelies and fellow Blog-buddies I am excited to be guest posting on Awkward! My name is Kelsie, I am the creator, writer and stylist of Simply Marvelous Miss Dawn. I am a hopeless romantic who is studying communications at Utah State University. I love it, I love people and I love communicating with them- hence my reason for blogging.

October is beautiful. The smells, the colors, the chilly air that invites hand holding and cuddling- it is perfect. Not only do I have the honor of celebrating my birth during this golden month it also hosts Halloween, the night we celebrate our fears and pretend to be creatures of the night.

Night has already started to come earlier, and I love the rush of gold that bleeds through my windows at about six o'clock. The light gives everything a eery yet majestic feel, that taunts my senses and lures me in like the last few chapters of a mystery novel. I only wish the sun would stay suspended in that sky like that for hours on end- Because when the sun goes down, the moon comes up and werewolves come out. . .

Now I am a summer-activist. All winter long I am begging for warmth, I am craving the smell of chlorine and all I want to do is let my body soak up some UV rays. However, when the chilly air starts to move in I get excited. This weather is boot weather. Sexy boots might I add. I also love wearing my long sleeved shirts, scarves and jackets- yep, my wardrobe is rockin' this season. Just sayin'

Finally, yet probably the most important. Food. When Halloween comes harvesting is well underway. The kitchen is once again my best friend and all I want to do is bake, eat and repeat. . . Which isn't a good thing, especially when working on my "Sophomore Slim" so, I have put myself on a Mormon-Girl diet plan. In the my kitchen I have hung a sign that says, "BEWARE OF THE NATURAL MAN" this way when I get bored and head to the cupboard I look at the sign, and leave.

1 Spice Cake Mix
1 Pumpkin Pie Filling
1 bag chocolate chips

Stir all ingredients together
Place on cake pan in cookie dollops
Bake at 350* for 13 minutes

Happy Harvesting. Happy Scaring. Happy Loving.
Thanks Awkward!

Miss Dawn

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