Sunday, October 9

This is Halloween


Need any fun ideas, helpful tips, pointers on your halloween? Email us and let us know what youd like to hear!
On top of that if you have something youd like to share and would maybe like to be featured here, EMAIL US! YAAYY. We totally love hearing what you have to say so dont be shy:] We read em all.

We've got a fun line up this week for fun ideas for your halloween. We've got Megan from 'Megs Craft Creations' stopping by later to say Hi and Janelle from 'Ramblings of a Red-Head' here too! Check them out and check in with us later to see what they have to say!
We love these guys, they are so awesome. Always have some great advice and fun things to say about anything. Whether you need tips on your latest craft to fun fall activities to whatever. These two know their stuff. So need a good read (besides us of course haha) check them out!

Have a good week and be ready for some halloween fun starting tomorrow!

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Eek, love Halloween!

P.S. There's a Le Mode Accessories going on today at my blog. Come check it out!