Monday, September 26

Anonymous Awkward

'Today, my mother followed me to work to see what I got up to. I'm a fitness instructor in a ground floor gym that has big windows overlooking the street. She stood outside and waved at me for half an hour, while I tried to concentrate on teaching a visibly amused class'.


'Today while waiting in line at Gamestop, I overheard the cashier and another customer chatting about how Poke'mon was for kids and anyone who's into it over 10 is weird...I put my Poke'mon game back on hte shelf and snuck out of the store'.


Friday, September 23

Favorite Things Friday: Chelsie

♪♫Its Friday Fri-i-day, I dont wanna work I want to play all day♪

It is Friday and we all know what that means. FAVORITE THINGS!
So these are a few of Chelsie's favorite things that make my life a little bit easier/simpler/nicer whatever.

#1 First off, what is life without a good pair of shoes? Youve gotta have the right kicks.
Thats why I LOVE my DVS Bennys. They are so comfortable and all around perfect. Come in fun colors too.
These are mine, blue!

 #2 NEXT! Im not a big makeup person, in fact I dont wear alot BUT I do love eyeliner and I only wear one kind. Avon Glimmersticks. I prefer brown but black is nice too. Its easy on and easy off. Doesnt melt as much as other eyeliners do. Its light so my eyes dont feel like theyve been caked on with crap. I just love it, its my favorite eyeliner.

#3 Nair. Ok truth time. I HATE shaving my legs. Seriously I hate it. I would go to almost extremes so I dont have to shave my legs. Ive tried both nair and regular leg wax. Waxing is nice cause the hair takes alot longer to grow back but its really messy. I have wax sticking to my legs for a few days and it doesnt always get all the hair. Nair isnt exactly perfect either but its not nearly as messy. I have to use it a little more often then the wax but it still keeps my legs nice and smooth and the hair still grows back slower.
Its definitely what I like!
#4 Note cards. Just your everyday, buy at walmart note cards. I love these because it makes studying and homework so much easier and organized. Sure you might end up with a giant stack of note cards but as your studying it helps SO much.

#5 Last but not least you always need a good hat. I love my beanie. I wear it snowboarding, I wear it when its cold, shoot I wear it whenever I feel like it! I love beanies. They be my fav. This is just one that I possess. The Coal Frena Solid Beanie. Check out that steez!

Hokay dokay! These are just a few of my fazizzle favorite things. What do you think? Hope everyone has a great weekend:]

Thursday, September 22

Allergies are Awkward

Allergies are awkward.
Especially when they make your eyes feel like they're on fire. So they water profusely. And you have the sniffles.
And all of this coincides when you're taking a math test. So consequently, I'm pretty sure all my classmates this morning thought I was having a breakdown during my test due to the tears rolling down my face and the sniffles.

Oh, and remember this post? Yeah well, I used the same bathroom today and I definitely avoided the dangerous stall...only to find that the stall I was in didn't have a door that STAYED CLOSED. Of course, I found this out at an inopportune moment. This bathroom has some bad ju-ju. Good thing that this bathroom is always empty....


Wednesday, September 21

Awkward Photos

My friends, this was too good to miss taking a picture...THE MAN MULLET.

What is awkward about this you say? The fact that I was walking to class and basically speed walked my little backpack carrying tush behind him so I could take a picture. Discreetly, naturally. p.s. He even has a man purse.

Oh, and then there's this beauty...
Sick. Nasty. Hairball.
I forgot how much hair accumulates on the carpet in my apartment.
Awkward why? Because I just posted about it.

Bam. Awkward.

Even my neighborhood is awkward

So once upon a time I had just finished jogging for the morning. I was standing behind a church when I decided I needed to stretch as I cooled down. I bent down to touch my toes and just happened to look between my legs to see an old lady and her grandson behind me walking down the sidewalk in my direction.

Here I am with my rear end up in the air pointed right at them with shorts on.


By the way, they crossed the street and I took of running again to avoid facing them directly.

Again Ill say it...


Sunday, September 18

Finally Organized: picture edition.

Ive just gotta add this last post to finish up our week of organizing. This was probably one of the hardest things I had to tackle while re-organizing my closet. You can see part 1 here and part 2 here.

Ok, you guys. Seriously my room is plastered with pictures. They are everywhere and I love it! Im not a big photographer or anything I just like having fun/lame pictures everywhere on display. I do scrapbook a little but Ill be honest, Im not that good at it and Im too lazy to do that too haha. So what happens to my pictures when I take them down? ....
...Yup, they get thrown in a box or a basket. I HATE THAT! I can never find the important ones I like and its just annoying. Totally NOT organized.

So heres my solution...

I found some of the cute file folders that I thought were gonna work perfect! So I got these and a few envelopes.

Then I gathered all my fav pictures that I wanted to keep and put them into different piles/groups.
 (I have a big box full of old pics which is another option because theyre all in one place). These are pictures I wanted to keep together and seperated from the others. 

 Once I seperated those I decided how to put them in the folders. So I just got some sticky notes and labeled them accordingly and taped em on the folders. I couldve wrote on the folders with marker or pen but decided against it in case I decide to change things later on.
I had one for all of my graduate cards I recieved and then the others labeled  as 'chapters' of my life.

 Lastly I put the pics in envelopes and labeled those as well.
For example there are envelopes for soccer, softball, graduation etc all in the chapter of highschool folder. Make sense? In there is also some of my awards Ive recieved while in highschool. In the chapter of college of folder is pics from my trip to new york and some scholarship award certificates. Its nice cause its all in one spot together.

Once those were all put together I put them in a basket with a few other important things that I store in the top of my closet.
(I really threw alot of baskets away by the way and now only have TWO!)

Anyways, theres just one solution to a few loose papers or pictures that worked for me and hopefully will work for you. Just get creative and do whatever works. I hope our week of organizing has helped you find different ways to utilize space and be a little bit more ready for school this fall haha.

Good luck.

Friday, September 16

Favorite Things Friday: Randi

Do you ever have those things or products that just make your life easier?
This is where we'll bring you Favorite Things Friday, our version of things that make our lives easier and happier on a daily basis. Here are just five of my favorite things of the week!

#1: Nalgene Water Bottle
Seriously, this is my favorite brand of water bottles known to man. It's huge, made of strong plastic, and they never get that weird water bottle smell that sometimes happens. I use mine when I'm camping, hiking, working out, and spending my days on campus.

#2: Sanuks
If there were ever shoes that I loved more than my Chacos, these would be it.
I have three pairs of them and I love them all! Cute and comfortable, they're perfect for summer and that in between summer and fall weather.

#3: Bigelow Chapstick
I never leave the house without this chapstick. It's honestly my favorite kind ever made. I picked mine up during the summer at Bath and Body works and then went back and got another one. Both are Raspberry Lemon and Black Cherry Lemon. AMAZING.

#4: Kindle

Now, I love real books. I really do. There's nothing quite like buying a brand new book from the bookstore and opening the cover the first time. But I still love my Kindle. I read a lot and having this at school makes it easier for me to keep reading without packing all my books around plus, it's great for those long breaks on campus.

#5: The O.G. Sunglasses by The Cassette Company

I really really want these sunglasses. This site has some super cool shades and I'm trying to come up with reasons why I don't need another pair...but I still really really really want a few pairs from this site! We shall see...

Thanks for taking a look at some of my favorite things this week!

Thursday, September 15

Locked In The Bathroom Stall

Oh my friends, does the awkwardness ever stop?
Indeed it does not, or we would not have this blog.
I got locked in a bathroom stall this week.
No joke.
I went to use the restroom about ten minutes before my last class of the day. When I was finished with my business, I went to leave my stall AND THE DOOR WOULDN'T UNLOCK.
Now, I know how to unlock a bathroom stall door. And this one was definitely not opening. I jiggled it, wiggled it, hit it, shook it, and abused it well. No budging. I was the only person in the bathroom. So I did what any self respecting college student would do in order to get to class on time.
I pushed my backpack out in front of me in the space between the bottom of the door and the floor, and crawled on my belly to freedom.
Laughing the whole time and praying that no one would come into the bathroom at that moment.
It still makes me giggle.


Wednesday, September 14

Small Spaces, Cheap Ideas

So, I live in a basic college apartment.
Small, minimal storage, and the occasional tupperware avalanche from the top cabinet.
One thing about small spaces is that you have to get creative with how you store your junk.
This is my bed:
And this is underneath:
That's right, my bed is on cinder blocks.
While this idea may seem strange, and partially unstable (it's only unstable if this happens, which is rare)it is in fact, pure genius. With having my bed raised, I can fit more under my bed like school supplies, my laundry things, my backpack, and anything extra that's laying around my room. The key to keeping a small space organized is to make sure everything has it's proper place.
Sure you can go buy those fancy bed risers but these work just as well. It's a cheap, quick, and easy fix to any dorm, apartment, or at home for any needed extra storage!

Tackling this beast part 2

Organzing my closet space was quite the job. It took two days! But sooo well worth it because now I have so much space! Okay, to pick up where we left off last time (see tackling the beast part 1).
My closet is just so full of JUNK. Things that I put in baskets and piles and said 'Ill go through this later to see what I need to keep', Ive been saying that for the past year now. Well its about time I chucked all that lame garbage. Nobody likes garbage mess.

So before I go on youve gotta picture this. You need to realize that in highschool my closet was full of pictures and random things and I havent changed anything since then, so thats almost two years ago that I havent done any deep cleaning (ouch). Well on one of my shelves I put all of my highschool dance photos that I had ever gone to (ya know, like homecoming and prom etc.) I had even kept all my corsages and had them there haha, I know just picture how cheesy this looks.

Heres where it gets awkward:

So my little brothers friends all come over and they are pretty good at making themselves at home, no biggie. So they come in to my room asking what in the world I am doing. Well one boy walks over to my closet and looks at this shelf and says something along the lines of...
'What are you going to do with your shrine?'

Oh gosh! How embarrasing, I wasnt sure how to reacte so I just played it  as cool as I could but on the inside I was thinking 'This has to come down!'

So after the mature adults left I went back to work, and yes, all the pictures went into my scrapbook box so someday I hopefully either get the sense to hide them forever or find a different hiding place haha, who knows but theyre out of sight for now. As for the corsages....

Theyre toast

As I thought about it, its the memories that matter anyways, not the actual object. So those are going in the trash. I still have the pictures so maybe one day I can pull them out with my kids and laugh at how weird the style was back then, whatever.

Anways, Tips on being organized and clutter free from the experts (I love the Nate Berkus show)
  • Take this fun clutter quiz to see if your a clutter bug
  • This is perfect for roomies or couples!
  • Do you have a weekend to makeover your closet? Geralin Thompson has some Amazing tips Here
Good luck, toodles

Monday, September 12

Laundry Rooms are Awkward...

Here's a story:
At my apartment complex we have a laundry room located in the basement of the apartment building across from mine.
There are eight washing machines and four dryers.
Want to know what's awkward about it?
When you run into someone you know whilst you're transporting your undies and such to the dryers.
It's all, "Hey nice to see you too, let my hide my brightly colored underwear from you since you're of the male species and you don't have clearance to see these."
And then you drop something. And he goes to pick it up. Then he pauses. And doesn't pick it up after all. And you're wishing the floor would swallow you whole.


Tackling this beast part 1

Just go ahead and take a look at my closet. Its kinda hard to tell from the picture but its a disaster. Sure its picked up and put away but not organized. See for yourself...

I have baskets and baskets full of things I said 'I need to go through this, Ill put it here until I get a chance' and it keeps piling and piling and soon I need more baskets and aaaahhhhh!
So I took the time (roughly two days) to completely redo my closet and re-organized everything!

One key to being a successful student, or a success at anything really is to be organized. Im no expert but Ive noticed that when things are clean, well-kept, and in their own place Im happier and much more efficient at things. So heres how I did it, and Ill show you some tips that I used and more.  

To Start:
I got two big boxes- one for garbage and one for D.I. (Idaho/Utahs version of goodwill). And I just started tearing things apart. I started with clothes.When going through your clothes you can approach this a couple different ways.

If you have a hard time throwing things out (it doesnt mean your a hoarder, we all get seperation anxiety with some stuff) then you can ask yourself (in no paticular order):
  • Does this still fit me?...No-toss
  • Have I worn this in the last 8-9 months?...No- toss it, Yes- how often do you wear it?
  • Is it worn out?...If something is getting worn out its best to just toss it
  • If it is gone, will I miss it?...No- definetly get rid of it.
If you are like me and dont get too sentimental with things and you finally have reached that point of 'Just throw it all away!' then its gonna be alot easier. You can ask some of the same questions as before like:
  • Does it fit me?
  • Have I worn it in the last 4-5 months
  • Will I ever wear it again?
  • Am I going to search for this later on?
  • Do I really need it?
Seriously I went nuts and basically donated half of my closet, and the truth is it feels so good! I now know exactly what I have and that its all things that I love to wear. Plus the bright side is theres some extra hangers and room to make way for some new school clothes! Yay shopping!

Look at how full the box on the left is! Thats all going to the D.I. Yay!
So what are you waiting for! Go get organized!

and stay tuned for the rest of the week to see how this beast turned out

The Weekend According to My Phone

I love the fair. It makes for such good people watching. What's even better? the demolition derby.
It's like bumper cars. Except you know, for the beastier cars and the guys in tank tops and when the engine catches on fire. Then it was back to driving to Logan. I get a little bored when I drive sometimes...cue the picture taking.
I'm real dangerous.

Week of Clean

Stay tuned because all this week we are going to show you how you can get ready and organized for school!

Friday, September 9

What Idaho Loves

Ok for anyone living in Idaho then Im sure you kow what The Fair is. For anyone not living here, oh let me introduce to you one of the most gloriouse displays of public gathering known to man.
The Eastern Idaho State Fair
...dun dun dun

Its so awesome. People from all over the place come to gather in Blackfoot to enjoy food, family, friends, several different forms of entertainment and just a little of what good ole' Idaho is all about.
Let me give you just a little tour of what my family saw last night.

First the food:

Giant Smoked Turkey Leg anyone?

Deep Fried Idaho Fries? Mmmmm, makes my mouth water

Traditional Scout Tiger Ears, which is a GIANT Scone smothered with cinnamon/sugar and honey butter. (Notice the big chunk missing and the little nibbles on the side. My brother and I couldnt wait long enough to take the picture)

Next, The entertainment:
Inside the rodeo grounds they always have a concert playing or a rodeo or something big that really draws a crowd. For the rest of us who didnt have tickets, there were plenty of side shows to keep you well entertained.

Such as a magician. We got to catch the last little bit of the Dan Sperry Show. 
You may know him from here

 It was sooo cool to see him and get a picture.
Give me a break, for a small town girl in Idaho who doesnt get to meet anyone famouse. Gettting a picture with someone who was on national television is pretty cool ok.

Of course we cant forget what Idaho is all about:

This is my families own contribution to the fair, SHOW COWS!
Every year we bring the cows to the fair to compete for the first place prize. I cant take a lot of credit for this becuase its my uncle who runs the dairy these days and works all year round to keep it running and preparing for the fair. However, I do take pride in the fact that we've got some of the Best cows in Eastern Idaho (its an Idaho thing)

However theres not just cows. Theres loads of other things to see. Horses, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, etc.. all competing to be named the Best in Show.
Its a pretty big deal down here.

Theres also tons and tons of vendors and booths set up for all your shopping needs. And not to mention the 'people watching' as I call it. Ok that sounds super creepy, but cmon' we've all done it. You sit down and watch all the lunatics make a fool of themselves and just laugh at all the weird people there are. This is probably like the best place to do that. I know, its probably mean...dont judge me.

Its just so much fun and so awesome to experiance! If youve never been youve gotta make a trip down here. Theres just nothing like the State Fair. For a college student, its a wonderful break of school haha.

Now excuse me while I go run 20 miles to burn off all that fair food:) 

Wednesday, September 7

The Feeling Is Mutual

Remember how Chels and I go to different schools? Different schools or not, looks like we're both doing a lot of the same sort of stuff tonight.

And we're feeling the same about it...

Sometimes college brings out the most attractive aspects in me.

Everytime I look at that third picture...I die.

Good Morning Class

This is how I know school as started and classes have begun...

Im doing this...
(yes, these are all my books and theres even more not in the picture)

...when I want to be doing this...

...Or this (even though Im not even close to that good, a girl can dream right?)...

...or this...

...I could totally go for this...

...and this would be sooo awesome.


perhaps another day
For now...

...Back to the books.

Meet Randi

Hi all, I'm Randi the second half to this blog!
I'm currently a sophomore at Utah State University which is an interesting experience itself. Being away from home for the first time took some getting used to but I feel like I have a better handle on things the second year around!
When I'm not walking around campus and studying my brains out, I like to spend my time doing the things that I like. I love being outdoors and camping is one of my favorite ways to spend my time.
I love to read, take walks, laugh, mess around on my guitar a little, and above all, spending time with my family and my friends doing whatever we feel like. Oh, and sometimes I throw in a couple Nacho Libre quotes.

My part on this blag (haha) is to share some stories and tips of being a student away from home and the lessons I've learned along the way. Sometimes life can seem a little crazy and hopefully we'll be able to show you how two single college students keep their heads above water while having fun at the same time! College can be hard but remember, it's only awkward if you make it!