Thursday, October 6

Fall? Idaho doesnt think so

So I think in most places the seasons go: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, back to Winter.
In Idaho it has a tendency to do whatever, whenever. Today for example, its October 6th and good 'ole Idaho has decided no Fall this year. No sir.
So when I got out of class today this is what I walked out to...

Oh yes, believe it. That is snow ladies and gentlemen. I have been freezing my little tail off all day! My little nose has been so cold and chilly. I cranked the heat and had to turn on my defrosters for the first time this year. This is so crazy and I have total mixed feelings about it.

I love fall, the colors changing, HALLOWEEN! I absolutely love love love halloween, the warm yet sweater temperatures. Im just not sure Im ready for this snow fall.
But it means snowboarding can come sooner as well! Which I also love love love.
But I dont like being cold
So its really mixed feelings.

Heres my advise for when cold weather hits you if it hasn't already.
  • When I felt the weather changing to colder, I made sure my big, nice warm coat was in the backseat of my car whenever I left.
  • A pair of gloves in the car really help when you get in and have to drive while waiting for the heater to warm up.
  • Taking a thermus full of hot chocolate to work or class is never a bad idea either haha, really keeps you warm...and happy:]
  • Get all of your winter clothes out, wash them (if needed) so that when you wake up one morning with a few inches of snow on the ground, you have more in your closet then short sleeves and tank tops (like me, oops)
  • Shoes. Oh how important are your shoes! Make sure you have a good pair of winter shoes, that fit. This is something I need to look more into. Im not sure my blue kicks will keep my toes dry when trucking through the slush. So a good pair of shoes for when your ouside are a must!
  • Get yourself a nice warm scarf that you can wear under your coat. I hardly leave anywhere without a scarf around my neck anymore in the winter. Ive been converted and its awesome, plus makes for a cute accessory:]
For anyone who lives in Idaho, dont worry there is still hope. Its supposed to be warmer this weekend and monday. So theres still a chance this will go away and come back later haha. Maybe its just mother natures way of keeping us humble. Who knows

Another side note- My lovely grams is supposed to drive here in this from Bear Lake. Pray the roads are good! 

p.s my outside thermometer says 32.7 degrees right now...bbbrrrrr

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Eric and Alexis Beus said...

Chels, I have to say that I am just a little jealous. Having lived in Arizona for over 2 years now (yikes!), I realize I have taken the cold for granted. I really miss fall and the leaves changing and the chill that goes with it. And I miss all of the cute fall/winter clothes. You don't wear them much here. But I have to remember that I won't miss it in January-?(April or May...). When you've grown up with it for that long, it's weird not to have it anymore. But keep posting those pictures because I will try to imagine it was like that here and I'll live vicariously through you! :)