Monday, October 10

Halloween Thrillers

Im a movie person. I love to sit down and randomly watch a scary/spooky/scare-you-pants-off/cute/funny Halloween movies, anytime of the year. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays hands down. So need a good movie for your Halloween party, the family, or just for fun?
Here are my top recommendations that are all pg-13 or less:

(In no particular order)

This is such a great one for anyone of all ages. Im 19 and I still look forward to watching every year while we carve pumpkins. Jack Skeleton is like my dream guy...ok maybe not but still I love him. The music is so catchy and I sing to it for days! I just cant say enough how much this movie rocks!
5 stars in my book

The Others. Nicole Kidman does a fantastic job in this film. Its pg-13 and goes to show that good scary movies dont have to be rated R. Its good clean scare and has an killer twist in the end. No pun intended, but seriously I love this film. I wouldnt exactly say this one is good for small kids, it can be nightmare material but great for Halloween.

Oooooooollldd School! This film was made before there were even any rating systems out there haha. I like it though. Its good and clean so you know its safe to show at any party. Its easy to laugh at but Im a horror film lover through and through so I suggest actually watching and try to enjoy the wonders of old school cinema. The plot is different then modern day films so its nice to mix it up once in a while.

 The 6th sense. Ok so you know the twist at the end but that doesnt mean its not worth seeing again and again. (which I dont recommend, seeing a movie too much can make it lose its sparkle). Bruce Willis is always a good choice. So pop this puppy in for a good Halloween flash back.

Another flash back. I remember watchin this one as a kid and hated it because it was a little too spooky, plus I just hated it all together as a film but as I got older Ive come to love it becuase its fun but does have a little creepy vibe to it.  

Well there you have it. Just a few of some of my favorite classic scary films that are great for everyone! Especially on a dark, rainy night, with the lights off, and all your closest friends. So thats a wrap...get it? haha

Have a good Halloween

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