Thursday, January 26

poor kids sell plasma

As a typical college student, I try to spend the least amount of money possible and bring in as much as I can. Enter, plasma donation. While some people may consider selling plasma as being less than favorable because of the circumstances of selling something from one's body, I am willing. I would probably sell a kidney if it wasn't illegal... yeah anyways, I went and donated plasma on Tuesday and there was a whole round of tests and questions that I had to answer and complete before I could even start pumping the plasma.
Here are my thoughts from my donation:
-the finger prick hurts almost worse than the donation itself
-one gets asked the same questions over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over.
-the whole questionnaire part probably would have gone faster if I could have just said, "No, I've never done drugs, I've never had sex, and I've never been to Africa or exposed to AIDS/HIV." All the while, I was wearing my Institute tee-shirt.
-my two favorite questions were probably 1) "Are you ears pierced and currently open?" I was wearing earrings that day. Muahaha. 2) "Have you ever been pregnant or are currently so?" No sir. 3) "Are you breastfeeding?" Again, negatory.
-I was at the plasma center from 3:30pm-6:50pm.
-the needle that the physicians use is FREAKING HUGE.
-it's probably not a good thing when you're donating plasma and then guy sticking you with a needle says, "Oh, that's not supposed to be happening..." and then you look and see that your vein is turning into a lump the size of a quarter. Just saying.
-getting a giant ice pack taped to said arm from above and then having two immobilized arms.
-seeing an old boyfriend from high school whom you haven't seen for about five years. That's all I'm saying about that.
-THE CROWNING AWKWARD MOMENT OF THE ENTIRE VISIT: getting a male physician for the physical. Who happens to be cute and around the same age as you. And then that whole awkward moment when he has to listen to your breathing and heartbeat under your shirt. With his cold hands. No worries, there was a female physician in there at the same time. Oh and then when they're pumping blood out of you and BOTH your arms hurt and you're breathing in and out of your mouth so you don't cry/throw up, he happens to come from the front room and check on you. Awwwwwkward.

Also, gnaaarly bruise my friends.

Oh, and I'm going again today.
All for the money, my friends.

Monday, January 9

New Semester

Today is the start of my fourth semester at USU.
I have absolutely no motivation after coming back from break. I rolled over this morning and was like "Meh." That's it, just 'meh'.
Oh did I also mention that most my classes are only ten minutes apart? It's totally fine when the buildings are right next to each other but when they're further apart?
Pray for me. I'll be runnin'.

Congrats to Alli

We have our Winner!

Congrats to Alli!

It was a hard choice to choose from all your awesome entries. But check out this story:

Ok, I'm entering this for my mom because she has definitely gotten some pretty weird stuff for Christmas! One year (from someone who was not my dad) she got a book about how to exercise if you're handicapped and missing limbs. The cover showed a person without arms doing leg exercises. Throughout the entire book were incredibly awkward pictures and poses of people with various missing body parts doing these exercises. Pretty sure that went to the DI really fast! I wish she had kept it!

Awkward right?! Well Congrats Alli and thanks to everyone who participated.

Tuesday, January 3

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Stay tuned because tomorrow we announce our winner of the
You Got What For Christmas?! contest!

Its gonna be awesome!