Saturday, October 8


Know what's the pits?
When it's freakin cold outside and most of your warm clothing is two hours away!
Yeah, the pits. Because man, it's gotten cold the past couple days. Thankfully unlike Idaho, the snow has stayed up on the mountains for the past few days but I fear that the last beautiful days of fall are fading away!
So...Randi is wearing lots of layers. Lots and lots (FYI, Sanuks do not hold up very well in pouring rain. Not well at all).
Want to know what's a little awkward though? I texted this picture to my parents today with a note (backstory: my parents have been telling me to go buy warm stuff if I'm freezing. I'm cheap and I'd rather wait till I got home in two weeks). My dad answered saying I looked like I was having fun and did I buy that vest?
Dudes, I've had this vest since middle school.
So that's like from 6th grade and now I'm a sophomore in college.
Is it awkward that I've kept it for so long or that it even still fits?

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