Tuesday, September 6

This is me: Chelsie

Well Hello There!
Its true, I am Chelsie Marie and I love life...most days (like most girls I believe).
Occupation: Currently a stay-at-home daughter. Im just beginning my sophomore year of college! Totally new experiences have come and gone and can be seen on the horizon. This college/life thing is a learning experience for me as Im sure it is for you as well. A 'trial and error' if you will.
My college experience comes from the comfort of my humble home with, yes its true, mom and dad. 

Now, no matter what you think, I dont spend all my time blogging away.
Actually what I love love love is the winter because I get to pull my snowboard out. If Im not snowboarding I'd like to be camping, riding my horse, riding bikes, sittin on my butt watchin movies with some pals, lookin at the stars, reading a good book, or anything outside.

Anywho, thats me in a nutshell! My part of this blog or as I like to say, Blag (dont ask why, Randi just thinks its funny) is to share my trial and errors of what its like to be a live in student and some of the stories that come along with it. I love to hear feedback and your thoughts so dont be shy.

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Johnsons Part Deux said...

Cute blog! This should be entertaining :)