Friday, September 23

Favorite Things Friday: Chelsie

♪♫Its Friday Fri-i-day, I dont wanna work I want to play all day♪

It is Friday and we all know what that means. FAVORITE THINGS!
So these are a few of Chelsie's favorite things that make my life a little bit easier/simpler/nicer whatever.

#1 First off, what is life without a good pair of shoes? Youve gotta have the right kicks.
Thats why I LOVE my DVS Bennys. They are so comfortable and all around perfect. Come in fun colors too.
These are mine, blue!

 #2 NEXT! Im not a big makeup person, in fact I dont wear alot BUT I do love eyeliner and I only wear one kind. Avon Glimmersticks. I prefer brown but black is nice too. Its easy on and easy off. Doesnt melt as much as other eyeliners do. Its light so my eyes dont feel like theyve been caked on with crap. I just love it, its my favorite eyeliner.

#3 Nair. Ok truth time. I HATE shaving my legs. Seriously I hate it. I would go to almost extremes so I dont have to shave my legs. Ive tried both nair and regular leg wax. Waxing is nice cause the hair takes alot longer to grow back but its really messy. I have wax sticking to my legs for a few days and it doesnt always get all the hair. Nair isnt exactly perfect either but its not nearly as messy. I have to use it a little more often then the wax but it still keeps my legs nice and smooth and the hair still grows back slower.
Its definitely what I like!
#4 Note cards. Just your everyday, buy at walmart note cards. I love these because it makes studying and homework so much easier and organized. Sure you might end up with a giant stack of note cards but as your studying it helps SO much.

#5 Last but not least you always need a good hat. I love my beanie. I wear it snowboarding, I wear it when its cold, shoot I wear it whenever I feel like it! I love beanies. They be my fav. This is just one that I possess. The Coal Frena Solid Beanie. Check out that steez!

Hokay dokay! These are just a few of my fazizzle favorite things. What do you think? Hope everyone has a great weekend:]

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