Sunday, September 18

Finally Organized: picture edition.

Ive just gotta add this last post to finish up our week of organizing. This was probably one of the hardest things I had to tackle while re-organizing my closet. You can see part 1 here and part 2 here.

Ok, you guys. Seriously my room is plastered with pictures. They are everywhere and I love it! Im not a big photographer or anything I just like having fun/lame pictures everywhere on display. I do scrapbook a little but Ill be honest, Im not that good at it and Im too lazy to do that too haha. So what happens to my pictures when I take them down? ....
...Yup, they get thrown in a box or a basket. I HATE THAT! I can never find the important ones I like and its just annoying. Totally NOT organized.

So heres my solution...

I found some of the cute file folders that I thought were gonna work perfect! So I got these and a few envelopes.

Then I gathered all my fav pictures that I wanted to keep and put them into different piles/groups.
 (I have a big box full of old pics which is another option because theyre all in one place). These are pictures I wanted to keep together and seperated from the others. 

 Once I seperated those I decided how to put them in the folders. So I just got some sticky notes and labeled them accordingly and taped em on the folders. I couldve wrote on the folders with marker or pen but decided against it in case I decide to change things later on.
I had one for all of my graduate cards I recieved and then the others labeled  as 'chapters' of my life.

 Lastly I put the pics in envelopes and labeled those as well.
For example there are envelopes for soccer, softball, graduation etc all in the chapter of highschool folder. Make sense? In there is also some of my awards Ive recieved while in highschool. In the chapter of college of folder is pics from my trip to new york and some scholarship award certificates. Its nice cause its all in one spot together.

Once those were all put together I put them in a basket with a few other important things that I store in the top of my closet.
(I really threw alot of baskets away by the way and now only have TWO!)

Anyways, theres just one solution to a few loose papers or pictures that worked for me and hopefully will work for you. Just get creative and do whatever works. I hope our week of organizing has helped you find different ways to utilize space and be a little bit more ready for school this fall haha.

Good luck.

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