Monday, September 12

Tackling this beast part 1

Just go ahead and take a look at my closet. Its kinda hard to tell from the picture but its a disaster. Sure its picked up and put away but not organized. See for yourself...

I have baskets and baskets full of things I said 'I need to go through this, Ill put it here until I get a chance' and it keeps piling and piling and soon I need more baskets and aaaahhhhh!
So I took the time (roughly two days) to completely redo my closet and re-organized everything!

One key to being a successful student, or a success at anything really is to be organized. Im no expert but Ive noticed that when things are clean, well-kept, and in their own place Im happier and much more efficient at things. So heres how I did it, and Ill show you some tips that I used and more.  

To Start:
I got two big boxes- one for garbage and one for D.I. (Idaho/Utahs version of goodwill). And I just started tearing things apart. I started with clothes.When going through your clothes you can approach this a couple different ways.

If you have a hard time throwing things out (it doesnt mean your a hoarder, we all get seperation anxiety with some stuff) then you can ask yourself (in no paticular order):
  • Does this still fit me?...No-toss
  • Have I worn this in the last 8-9 months?...No- toss it, Yes- how often do you wear it?
  • Is it worn out?...If something is getting worn out its best to just toss it
  • If it is gone, will I miss it?...No- definetly get rid of it.
If you are like me and dont get too sentimental with things and you finally have reached that point of 'Just throw it all away!' then its gonna be alot easier. You can ask some of the same questions as before like:
  • Does it fit me?
  • Have I worn it in the last 4-5 months
  • Will I ever wear it again?
  • Am I going to search for this later on?
  • Do I really need it?
Seriously I went nuts and basically donated half of my closet, and the truth is it feels so good! I now know exactly what I have and that its all things that I love to wear. Plus the bright side is theres some extra hangers and room to make way for some new school clothes! Yay shopping!

Look at how full the box on the left is! Thats all going to the D.I. Yay!
So what are you waiting for! Go get organized!

and stay tuned for the rest of the week to see how this beast turned out

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