Friday, September 16

Favorite Things Friday: Randi

Do you ever have those things or products that just make your life easier?
This is where we'll bring you Favorite Things Friday, our version of things that make our lives easier and happier on a daily basis. Here are just five of my favorite things of the week!

#1: Nalgene Water Bottle
Seriously, this is my favorite brand of water bottles known to man. It's huge, made of strong plastic, and they never get that weird water bottle smell that sometimes happens. I use mine when I'm camping, hiking, working out, and spending my days on campus.

#2: Sanuks
If there were ever shoes that I loved more than my Chacos, these would be it.
I have three pairs of them and I love them all! Cute and comfortable, they're perfect for summer and that in between summer and fall weather.

#3: Bigelow Chapstick
I never leave the house without this chapstick. It's honestly my favorite kind ever made. I picked mine up during the summer at Bath and Body works and then went back and got another one. Both are Raspberry Lemon and Black Cherry Lemon. AMAZING.

#4: Kindle

Now, I love real books. I really do. There's nothing quite like buying a brand new book from the bookstore and opening the cover the first time. But I still love my Kindle. I read a lot and having this at school makes it easier for me to keep reading without packing all my books around plus, it's great for those long breaks on campus.

#5: The O.G. Sunglasses by The Cassette Company

I really really want these sunglasses. This site has some super cool shades and I'm trying to come up with reasons why I don't need another pair...but I still really really really want a few pairs from this site! We shall see...

Thanks for taking a look at some of my favorite things this week!

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