Friday, September 9

What Idaho Loves

Ok for anyone living in Idaho then Im sure you kow what The Fair is. For anyone not living here, oh let me introduce to you one of the most gloriouse displays of public gathering known to man.
The Eastern Idaho State Fair
...dun dun dun

Its so awesome. People from all over the place come to gather in Blackfoot to enjoy food, family, friends, several different forms of entertainment and just a little of what good ole' Idaho is all about.
Let me give you just a little tour of what my family saw last night.

First the food:

Giant Smoked Turkey Leg anyone?

Deep Fried Idaho Fries? Mmmmm, makes my mouth water

Traditional Scout Tiger Ears, which is a GIANT Scone smothered with cinnamon/sugar and honey butter. (Notice the big chunk missing and the little nibbles on the side. My brother and I couldnt wait long enough to take the picture)

Next, The entertainment:
Inside the rodeo grounds they always have a concert playing or a rodeo or something big that really draws a crowd. For the rest of us who didnt have tickets, there were plenty of side shows to keep you well entertained.

Such as a magician. We got to catch the last little bit of the Dan Sperry Show. 
You may know him from here

 It was sooo cool to see him and get a picture.
Give me a break, for a small town girl in Idaho who doesnt get to meet anyone famouse. Gettting a picture with someone who was on national television is pretty cool ok.

Of course we cant forget what Idaho is all about:

This is my families own contribution to the fair, SHOW COWS!
Every year we bring the cows to the fair to compete for the first place prize. I cant take a lot of credit for this becuase its my uncle who runs the dairy these days and works all year round to keep it running and preparing for the fair. However, I do take pride in the fact that we've got some of the Best cows in Eastern Idaho (its an Idaho thing)

However theres not just cows. Theres loads of other things to see. Horses, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, etc.. all competing to be named the Best in Show.
Its a pretty big deal down here.

Theres also tons and tons of vendors and booths set up for all your shopping needs. And not to mention the 'people watching' as I call it. Ok that sounds super creepy, but cmon' we've all done it. You sit down and watch all the lunatics make a fool of themselves and just laugh at all the weird people there are. This is probably like the best place to do that. I know, its probably mean...dont judge me.

Its just so much fun and so awesome to experiance! If youve never been youve gotta make a trip down here. Theres just nothing like the State Fair. For a college student, its a wonderful break of school haha.

Now excuse me while I go run 20 miles to burn off all that fair food:) 


Larsen said...

Fair time = Great time!

Lacy Lynn said...

I was laughing....very funny...I still judge you :)