Wednesday, September 14

Tackling this beast part 2

Organzing my closet space was quite the job. It took two days! But sooo well worth it because now I have so much space! Okay, to pick up where we left off last time (see tackling the beast part 1).
My closet is just so full of JUNK. Things that I put in baskets and piles and said 'Ill go through this later to see what I need to keep', Ive been saying that for the past year now. Well its about time I chucked all that lame garbage. Nobody likes garbage mess.

So before I go on youve gotta picture this. You need to realize that in highschool my closet was full of pictures and random things and I havent changed anything since then, so thats almost two years ago that I havent done any deep cleaning (ouch). Well on one of my shelves I put all of my highschool dance photos that I had ever gone to (ya know, like homecoming and prom etc.) I had even kept all my corsages and had them there haha, I know just picture how cheesy this looks.

Heres where it gets awkward:

So my little brothers friends all come over and they are pretty good at making themselves at home, no biggie. So they come in to my room asking what in the world I am doing. Well one boy walks over to my closet and looks at this shelf and says something along the lines of...
'What are you going to do with your shrine?'

Oh gosh! How embarrasing, I wasnt sure how to reacte so I just played it  as cool as I could but on the inside I was thinking 'This has to come down!'

So after the mature adults left I went back to work, and yes, all the pictures went into my scrapbook box so someday I hopefully either get the sense to hide them forever or find a different hiding place haha, who knows but theyre out of sight for now. As for the corsages....

Theyre toast

As I thought about it, its the memories that matter anyways, not the actual object. So those are going in the trash. I still have the pictures so maybe one day I can pull them out with my kids and laugh at how weird the style was back then, whatever.

Anways, Tips on being organized and clutter free from the experts (I love the Nate Berkus show)
  • Take this fun clutter quiz to see if your a clutter bug
  • This is perfect for roomies or couples!
  • Do you have a weekend to makeover your closet? Geralin Thompson has some Amazing tips Here
Good luck, toodles

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