Monday, September 12

Laundry Rooms are Awkward...

Here's a story:
At my apartment complex we have a laundry room located in the basement of the apartment building across from mine.
There are eight washing machines and four dryers.
Want to know what's awkward about it?
When you run into someone you know whilst you're transporting your undies and such to the dryers.
It's all, "Hey nice to see you too, let my hide my brightly colored underwear from you since you're of the male species and you don't have clearance to see these."
And then you drop something. And he goes to pick it up. Then he pauses. And doesn't pick it up after all. And you're wishing the floor would swallow you whole.


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Ashley Michelle said...

Hahahahahahaha....oh....oh...that's funny...rolling on the floor...