Wednesday, September 14

Small Spaces, Cheap Ideas

So, I live in a basic college apartment.
Small, minimal storage, and the occasional tupperware avalanche from the top cabinet.
One thing about small spaces is that you have to get creative with how you store your junk.
This is my bed:
And this is underneath:
That's right, my bed is on cinder blocks.
While this idea may seem strange, and partially unstable (it's only unstable if this happens, which is rare)it is in fact, pure genius. With having my bed raised, I can fit more under my bed like school supplies, my laundry things, my backpack, and anything extra that's laying around my room. The key to keeping a small space organized is to make sure everything has it's proper place.
Sure you can go buy those fancy bed risers but these work just as well. It's a cheap, quick, and easy fix to any dorm, apartment, or at home for any needed extra storage!

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