Wednesday, December 21

The joy of Holiday giving

Merry Christmas to all!
I love this time of year. I am lucky enough to have all my family relatively close. Theres a few members who live pretty far away, the farthest in New Jersey and we sure do miss them, especially around this time of year.

So you ever go to those fun and awkward family Chrismas parties? Where Grandma is cooking up a storm, uncle is telling his cheesy jokes, kids are playing in the snow, and everyone seems to break out their ugly sweaters? Its loud and smells like cookies and ham? Its just utter chaos but that's the holidays right?
(I know everyone looks so enthused in this picture but I promise we know how to have a good time).

Well since the majority of my family live so close we get together every year and have a big Christmas party. Its always so fun. We make lots of food and catch up on missed events in life. Games galore and then the presents get brought out. So here's how this works with the Nields:

Everyone brings a 'dollar store' gift that they wrap up and throw in a pile in the middle of the room. then a pan with two dice gets passed around and everyone rolls.
(we play the fast way) so if you roll a 1 or 6 or doubles you get to pick a present from the middle or someone else's.
 If you rolled one of those lucky numbers but already have a present you can keep yours or trade with someone else.
If someone steals your present and leaves you empty handed (meaning no trade) then you get to pick a new present from the pile.
This goes on until everybody has a gift. Once everyone has theirs we set a timer for one minute and go as fast as we can.

Its alot of fun and sometimes you get stuck with a present you love or something like ....

Opened em in front of my WHOLE family haha.
Was it awkward?

Potentially yes.

But I survived. Why?
Because Its only Awkward if you make it
and I did my best not to.

So we all just laughed really really hard.

What is awkward?
They don't fit

Why is that awkward?

Because I just made it........

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