Friday, December 2

Favorite Things Friday: Chelsie

December 2! Its already December?! Where did summer and fall go? Haha, just joking Im excited for Christmas to come! Just a few more weeks, so hows your holidays comin along?

If your a college student you know that finals week is comin up pretty soon as well too. So here are a few of my favorite things that help me get through finals week and get ready for the upcoming holidays.

#1 Daily Planner
Ok hear me out on this. I have come very close to mastering the art of procrastinating. So if Im so good at procrastinating why do I need a planner? Those two dont get together. On the contrary, I use my planner to help me procrastinate.
Heres the trick. Plan out your weeks in advance. You know you have a test coming up? So this way you can plan to procrastinate until the day before to study. Trust me this works. There are other ways to successfully procrastinate but we will get into that later.

#2 Good Antivirus protection
School is almost out and you have a big report due on the last day. Or, theres a big family party comin up and youve spent the last 6 months preparing a slide show for everyone. What a shame it would be if your computer got hit with a virus or something and just died.
So make sure youve got some good protection. I use Norton 360 antivirus. Keeps my laptop running clean and smooth. The only thing with these are that they can get pricey so make sure you shop around and talk with lots of technical geeks to make sure your getting the best deal and the best protection. Youll also have to renew now and then so be aware of that. I need to renew mine.

#3 Back ups
Make sure to back up all of your important files from your computer. Sometimes your computer software will give you the option of doing an online backup. I use an external hard drive. Whenever I get some new music or new pictures or a new document or whatever that I really cant afford to lose, I back it up on my external hard drive. It works just like a flash drive but with alot more storage available.
I highly recommend getting one of these. They are small and compact. Easy to carry around if you need to. Theyve got all different kinds. My brother has one that is also compatible with his xbox so that he can plug it in and listen to his music or watch a movie from his hard drive through the xbox. They can be life savers.

#4 Christmas Music
Maybe your not into Christmas music, but around this time of year when the decorations go up, cookies are baking, snow is falling and Im in my room studying, holiday tunes help me keep my sanity.
I grew up listening to Bing Crosby and he is my favorite. I love the old time artists (theyre old to me). This new modern crap ruins Christmas in my opinion (just my own opinion). Christmas music needs to be sung by the classics. It really gets me excited for Christmas.

#5 Sleep
With all the business thats goin on sleep is key. Your studying your brains out, or shopping like a madman or whatever it may be, you need to let the lovely brain of your take a break and get some sleep!
And I dont just mean a quick cat-nap, I mean a full 8 hours of blissful rest. Im sure no one is going to argue with me on this haha. I love my bed thats for sure.

So good luck with finals coming up and getting ready for Christmas or whatever holiday your celebrating. Both can be very hectic, so good luck!
 And Happy Holidays.

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Kathy said...

oooo finals! i remember those. good luck and get lots of rest. i also found that eating a nice breakfast with protein on the day of the exam really helps.