Thursday, December 1

Dreams arent always wishes my heart makes

For the sake of protecting peoples identity and my pride Im going to leave out names and only put first name initials.

Real life: So a few nights ago I had this really weird dream. Sometimes I have very pleasent dreams, ya know the ones that make you not want to wake up but to just keep dreaming it. Others you are so glad to wake up from because who knows what wouldve happened if you stayed asleep. Well this was one of those dreams.

Dream: It started out with me and an old friend from highschool that I still keep in touch with but hadnt seen in quite a while. We were sitting at my Grandmas house, only this time I dont think she was my grandma. So we are sitting there watching tv when another friend, T, comes in- a male.

Real Life: T is more of an acqaintance to me. We hang out every now and then but more rarely. To be honest he's kind of a nasty dude. He's covered from head to toe in tattoos (not baggin on tatoos, just sayin for this guy they dont look so nice) and Im not sure how his personal hygiene is...ya ewe.

Dream: Anyways we are sitting there and he tells me to come over to the side of the room hes on. So I walk over and he stands up and kinda starts talking to me but also starts putting on some moves.
He tries to kiss me and as he does so I gently/ yet forcefully push him back into his chair and walk away into the living room.

Here is where one of my closest friends is sitting, K

Real Life: K and I grew up together. He honestly is more like a brother to me, so to have him in a dream of mine just isnt very weird too me. Its just like dreaming about a family member.

Dream: So we sit chatting when yet again, another friend shows up, M. Apparently M is the one that lives here with my grandma who isnt really my grandma. We start talking about setting up a projector in the front yard and watching a movie.

Real Life: No my grandma does not have this kind of technology in her home so that part was kinda weird too haha.

Dream: Well at this point theres alot of people in the room now but I cant remember everyone. So K and I sit contemplating the idea. He thinks it would be fun but for some reason Im getting the vibe that  M only wants to do this so we can cuddle, which Im not ok with.

Real Life: So then I wake up!

Weird because a nasty guy I hardly know kissed me and another kinda nasty guy I hardly know wanted to cuddle with me.

I woke up feelin kinda grossed out and very awkward.

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

LOL! Dreams are SO weird sometimes!