Friday, December 16

Favorite Things Friday: Chelsie

Its soooo close to Christmas! Have you gotten your Christmas shopping done? I am so incredibly behind its not even funny. But no need to fret we have a week left! So instead of worrying about what presents to give, try and enjoy the other wonders of christmas. These are my favorites:

#1 Candy Canes
Who doesnt love candy canes, and if you dont like the traditional they come in all sorts of flavors now. They are fantastic! Nothing makes christmas taste like christmas like a candy cane, yumm.

#2 Christmas Lights
What really brings the spirit of Christmas, the lights. I love driving around and finding the musical houses that have music to go with their lights. Its so fun and suprisingly entertaining haha. They can be so pretty everywhere! In the house, on the house, on the tree. I love how pretty and how much joy they can bring people. (can you tell Im like 5 when it comes to Christmas).

#3 Christmas music
'The best way to spred Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear'
As said best by buddy the elf.
But isnt it true! The best way to spred so much cheer is to play all the Christmas music as loud as you can. I love it! Bing Crosby is one of my favorites ever! He is such a charming and talented man, haha. Its quite before my time, but if I was a young girl when he was in his prime, Id be all gaga over him haha. Have you heard the new Michael Buble album? OH SO WONDERFUL. Ive heard a few of his songs and its enough to make me want the entired album. Im so close to getting it for myself but maybe Ill get lucky and Santa will provide heehee.

#4 Stories
This is one thing that as a little kid I loved. My mom collected some books as we all grew up and I loved flipping through them throughout the holiday. The nutcracker was one of my favorites. I saw the ballet a few weeks ago and it really brought in some Christmas magic.

#5 Family/Friends

This is one thing that Christmas has always been about for me. We get together with our family and friends every year. Every year we get together with our family on Christmas eve and play games, eat food, and Santa comes! It helps me to remember what this holiday is all about. So go get together with your closest friends and family and enjoy all the things you love about the holidays with them.

Happy Holidays!

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