Wednesday, December 14

Tips and Tricks to sneaky exams

If your a college student then you know that finals are among us if not already endured. My final week was last week and it feels so super good to be done. Randis is this week so send her lots of good thoughts and love wishing her luck and we will be doing the same for any of you who are going through this nightmare.

Well even though it is really really easy to put off studying and I will admit I am guilty of it as well but I don't recommend it. Here is my strategy. I actually do well if I cram the night before but I try not to do that very much. So this is my game plan:
This was Thursday night. Looks scary right?
I try to take a little bit of time each day to simply read over notes and material. Then the night before the test I plan on really hitting the books hard. I mostly prepare for this night rather than the test day. If I slowly prepare myself for the study night and when I test myself if I do well I feel more confident for the test that's coming up.

This study pattern works for me, but it might not work for you. To be successful you have to figure out what works for you. Maybe you need to hit the books hard for an hour every day or 2 hours, or one of those who really don't need to study at all. The point is you've gotta figure out whats best for you. Try a few study strategies and find out what you like best, works best with your schedule, and helps you pass that evil, ugly exam. 

This is one thing that I do recommend that helps me study.
The note card.
These can get to be pretty scary but to me they are a lifesaver. Yes, these are all my note cards for one class. It makes studying so much easier and faster, which means I can study them more often and be better prepared for the exam. Haven't ever tried the note card game? Try it, and see if its something that works for you like it works for me.

Something else you can do to prepare for exams:
Make sure you get a good night sleep. Not just the night before the test but the week before as well. Get your brain in that pattern of going to bed at a decent hour (which isn't midnight) and getting up earlier in the day. Doing this will get your brain up and awake earlier in the day and revved up and ready to go for any school work.

Get a good healthy breakfast. The trend these days is to skip breakfast, and why? To lose weight? Wrong. I can honestly say breakfast is good because Ive never been very big breakfast eater. I get up in the morning and am not hungry and have no appetite. I usually have to force myself to eat in the mornings cause I just cant stand it. So I quit for awhile, it was easier for me and I noticed a change in my body. So after several months of eating like this I put myself on a pattern and slept regularly and ate breakfast and Ive actually lost weight.
So lesson: Eat your breakfast and make it good so that you can give your brain the boost it needs to help you make it through exams. Trust me, your brain, your metabolism and your test scores will thank me later:]

Drink lots of water. Water helps flush out your body constantly. I call it the nectar of the gods. Its a staple to life. Your brain is made of water so keep giving it what it needs. Becoming dehydrated can counter attack all of the above suggestions so stay hydrated. I carry a bottle of water with me all the time. Its a smart and healthy choice to make and also can have affects on your metabolism to keep it going and working quick.

So take some advice and good luck with the next few weeks and your finals coming up or whatever kind of event you have coming up.
Take luck! 


Ramblings of a Redhead said...

Yay for having your finals done!!! Woot!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh, I have final projects this week and finals next week. Not fun.