Friday, December 9

Favorite Things Friday: Randi

'Ello readers. It's 16 days till Christmas! Christmas time is a special time for me, and even more so now that I'm away from home for the first few weeks of December. Strangely, it makes me even more excited for Christmas knowing that I get to travel home after the hustle and bustle of finals and the end of the semester. So here's some of my favorite things during the holiday season...

#1: The Forgotten Carols

I love this production to eternity and beyond. It's the perfect way to start off the Christmas season, and this year I nabbed my roommates and we went to the performance here in Logan. It's amazing. The music brings me to tears every time and I get the chills. This is one of my favorite songs from the production.

#2: Josh Groban's Noel CD{via}
Oh, this man's voice. We've had this playing on and off in my apartment over the past week and it's been just like I'm at home. The Grob has a voice like no other.

#3: Christmas Decorations
My apartment is homey and wonderful and lovely and Christmas-y and I'm in love. I sorta hate that we only have a few weeks to enjoy our Christmas decorations...but that just means that I get to go home to this...

#4: Land O' Lakes Hot Chocolate{via}
Last year, my grandma gave me a 42 pack thing of Land O' Lakes Hot Chocolate Assorted Flavors. Best pre-Christmas gift I've ever been given. This stuff is amaaaaazing, especially if you're a hot chocolate lover like myself. The Raspberry and White Chocolate are my favorites.

#5: Christmas Check Lists
The roommates and I have made a check list of everything we want to get done before Christmas Break. It's kinda my favorite. We're coming along pretty good!

[X] See The Forgotten Carols
[ ] Temple Square
[X] Walk Downtown Logan
[X] Roommate Dinner
[X] Decorate
[ ] Get Steamed Milk
[X] Roommate Pictures
[X] Roommate Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning Sleepover

Here's to having another wonderful holiday seasoned weekend and here's to me and my finals next week! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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