Monday, December 5

Do's and Don'ts for Cold Weather

I have a love-hate relationship with winter. Wonderful things come along with winter, like snowmen, hot chocolate, CHRISTMAS, lights, delicious goodies, CHRISTMAS, warm scarves and gloves, time off from school, and CHRISTMAS. But there is a dark side to winter..... cold and ice. Ice and cold can be the best nemesis for a college student who gets up before the sun rises and walks around campus all day. Basically, this morning I thought I was going to lose my ears, nose, and chin. Here's a few do's and don'ts to survive cold in college or just cold, period.

Do invest in good snow boots. Yes, boots with the fur are cute and all, but unless they have good tread, they will let you down. Literally.
Do have no less than a billion pairs of gloves and stash them in your pockets, your backpack, your purse, your car, and anywhere else you can think of. Your fingers will thank me.
Do buy those hand and foot warmers that you can get anywhere. Also stash these in multiple places for those cold mornings walking to campus.
Do stock up on hot chocolate. Lots and lots of hot chocolate.

Don't go up to class in the mornings without a hat. We should all be thankful I still have my ears after this morning. I was a fool and thought I'd be fine....I wasn't.
Don't be embarrassed of your big puffy coat. Because those girls with the thin, stylish coats that are looking at you? They're probably in sheer envy of your marshmallowy, warm, down coat goodness.
Don't misjudge an ice patch. Because they will teach you a lesson. Also, don't think that the packed down shiny snow is safe. It will also teach you a lesson. These lessons usually come around when one is running to the shuttle because one is late. Not only will you hurt your behind, you will also hurt your pride.
Don't get embarrassed too easily. Now is the season for flailing around like a helpless ninja when you hit a patch of ice or slick snow. It happens to the best of us....

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