Thursday, December 8

Breath War

Ok let me start off by saying that I love Pickles! Dill pickles. They are seriously like my favorite. I dont know why but sometime I crave them, sometimes I cant stop eating them, sometimes my mouth waters when I just think about them. Ya, I like pickles...alot.
Weird I know.

Well my mom doesnt buy em too much cause at my house they go fast. If we bought a new jar of pickles everytime the old one was gone, we'd be poor from buying so many pickle jars. Anyways, I woke up this morning to see a new jar in the fridge.


So as I did laundry, studied, cleaned house and got ready for the day I snacked on pickles here and there. It was yummy. Thing about pickles though is they make your breath smell pretty gnarly. So its time for me to go to class (second to last one of this semester by the way) and I realize my breath is gonna smell like the garbage pile from the pits of hell or something (I imagine that to be pretty bad).

So I tried to mask it with some mint gum and just planned not to talk to anyone face to face today.

Then I ran into an old classmate I hadnt seen in awhile.

We chatted...

...face to face

And it was awkward cause I was afraid I smelled like a gallon of pickles.

Lesson: Dont eat alot of pickles and if you do, brush your teeth...twice...and chew gum.

Oh man, how awkward.

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