Monday, November 7

Tin Foil Bliss

This is something that I sort of grew up doing. Dont ask me why, but for some reason when all your food is wrapped in tin foil and cooked super over a fire or grill, tastes WAY better than in an oven on a pan or something.

So, if youve never ever ever made a tin foil dinner, Im going to teach you how because they re super easy, super yummy and I made some the other day and figured it would make for a good post, so there ya go haha. 

First off, decide what you want to cook. Youll need some kind of meat and vegetables or whatever. I like to throw some elk meat. (My dad is a hunter so we are carnivores at our place). Make sure whatever kind of meat you use to chop it up real good.

Then pick your veggies. This time I used carrots, cilantro, LOTS of potatoes (always an excellent choice), some celery and (I know its not a veggy) but some lemon to flavor it up.
Once its all in your foil, make sure to season it real good. I like a little salt, some pepper and lots and lots of Cajun spices haha. Its awesome.

Then wrap it up nice and tight. Not too tight though or it will be harder to cook.

You can cook em in a nice hot fire with hot coals (not a huge flame). Cooking time varies depending on how big your dinner is. Remember when preparing your food shrinks just a little because of the heat so load it up.
Id say around 30 min its all right, just check after awhile to see if the meat is done.

Once its done, pull it out (be careful its a hotty) and rip that baby open and enjoy a nice hot meal that is soooooo yummy. Its a super easy and cheap meal to fix. Pretty fun too to cook with all your friends. Plus, the clean up is like nothing too. Try it, its awesome. Makes me hungry just thinkin about it.

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