Friday, November 11

Favorite Things Friday: Chelsie

Good afternoon boys and girls, hopefully your Friday is goin well. And you all know what happens on Friday, but if your new Ill fill you in; I get to tell you a few of my favorite things and why they make my life easier/better/happier whatever.

1. C.O Bigelow Lip Gloss
My personal favorite is the mint because it smells awesome, tastes even better and your lips tingle a little when you wear it (in a good way) Plus moisturizes, what more can you ask for? The best place to find this? Bath and Body Works. I love this stuff, its cute and works good. Everything a girl wants.

2. Picnik- Online photo editing
Its free, and easy to use. Im not a huge photography person. Dont get me wrong I love taking pictures but I dont have a fancy camera or a super high-tech editing program so I love this. Its easy and simple. It lets me take my average-every day pictures...

...and turn them into something fun and exciting to look at!

P.s this was my friend Nolans picture that I stole, oops. He likes to do outdoor photography stuff and its awesome. I stole this to play around on Picnik with.

3. Winter is just around the corner (closer for some of us it seems like) but either way its getting cold. So I love a nice warm scarf!

Sydney rocks.
I love warm ones, cute ones, homemade ones! All of them! Theyre so comfy, and has potential to really make any outfit. So ya, thats one thing I really love about winter. Big, Bulky, Cute scarves.
Go get one!

4. This country we live in.
Today is veterans day so it makes me so thankful to live in the country we do. I love Freedom! Its awesome that I get to worship how I please, get an education, and many other things but especially my freedom of speech. It lets me write whatever I want on this blog without fearing. So one of my favorite things: America

5. And last but certainly not least (saved the best for last) are veterans themselves
Im so thankful for the men and women that are willing to give up their lives for me and my family so that we can continue on to live free.

These are the veterans in my life. Both of my Grandfathers served in the military. My Grandpa Nield was in the Air Force and was stationed in Japan for a long time. My Grandpa Pack served in the Army and was stationed in Germany at the time of the Korean War. My cousin Blaine has served in the Marines and has been stationed in several countries. Im so thankful for all of them and the their sacrifice. I love them all and also the veterans whom I may not know but still serve anyways.
Veterans are my favorite.

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