Monday, November 7

Creepy Boys= Awkward dodging

So I dont know about some of you but I think I have yet to master the art of 'what to do when a creep asks for your number.'

Its awkward No Matter What.

This has happened to me on a few occasions, why cant a hot babe ask me for my number!

So heres a story: One time at a church gathering and a young man (who was a couple years older, dont worry not that young) and I were among a small group of people all chatting away. I honestly dont know how this happened but somehow that sneaky dude singled me out from the rest. Like a sheep herder separates his flock or something. And tries to engage me in conversation. Im a little nervous cause Im afraid where this is going but I try very hard to be polite because he is a nice boy. I try again and again to break away but he is good, oh so good.

Finally, as if this isnt awkward enough already, he pops that question.

'So could I ask you out sometime?'

In my mind: 'No, your creepy, weird, kinda smelly, and I have no interest whatsoever, so get lost'

What came out my mouth: 'Oh, sure. That would be fun, ok'


So comes the awkward exchanging of numbers that you know if he ever calls your gonna do your best not to answer. So I try to make small talk to break the awkward shield thats come around me by saying how my phone doesnt do calls very well (which is totally true, its a piece because it usually makes me sound mumbly or under water) so I say texting is great if he wants. After that I do my very best to get the heck out of there fast.

Fast forward 2 weeks (which is also weird, get a girls number and wait 2 weeks to contact? I wont complain too much cause I was sort of glad but still, really?) Anyways, fast forward and I get a text from unnamed boy, I immediately know who it is. So I...

... 1. Do not respond
2. Save number so I know not to answer or respond again should he try to recontact
3. Feel sort of sorry as I delete the recent message so as not to be tempted to text back.

I know maybe Im a terrible person but Im Chelsie, and I guess Im shallow and rude and disgusting, but hey, it got me out of a super weird, awkward date! Thats a plus in my book haha.

Now I just have to avoid him every week at church so as not to run into the awkward situation of 'Hey I texted you, did you get it, whats up, blah blah blah'



Ramblings of a Redhead said...

Haha, want to know the easiest answer to avoid that awkward date? Tell him you have a like a charm!

Serenity Rae said...

Hahahhaahha, Oh chelsie! I can so see this playing out in my head. You are so funny. But sooooooo awkward. You gotta show me who the guy is. (: