Monday, January 9

Congrats to Alli

We have our Winner!

Congrats to Alli!

It was a hard choice to choose from all your awesome entries. But check out this story:

Ok, I'm entering this for my mom because she has definitely gotten some pretty weird stuff for Christmas! One year (from someone who was not my dad) she got a book about how to exercise if you're handicapped and missing limbs. The cover showed a person without arms doing leg exercises. Throughout the entire book were incredibly awkward pictures and poses of people with various missing body parts doing these exercises. Pretty sure that went to the DI really fast! I wish she had kept it!

Awkward right?! Well Congrats Alli and thanks to everyone who participated.


Alli said...

Yay!! Thanks, I'm so excited!

Ramblings of a Redhead said...

Chels, you girls are hilarious :) Keep up the blog!